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"For Barrels With Screw-in Chokes"

The new adjustable choke for today!
Available in Remington
™, Charles Daly™, Winchester™, Browning Invector™, Mossberg 500™, Ithaca™, Weatherby™, Savage™, H & R™, NEF™, Browning Invector Plus™, Beretta™ and Benelli™ in 12 gauge only. Beretta Optima™, Beretta Optima Plus™, Mossberg™
835 & 935, Truchoke
™, Baikal™, Benelli CrioChoke™, Benelli CrioChoke Plus™,
™ & Stoeger™ for the 12 gauge choke.
™ & Beretta//Benelli Mobile™ ,Winchester™, Browining Invector Plus™, Ithica™, Savage™, H&R™, NEF™, & Mossberg™ Available in 20 Gauge.


Available in both Standard and Ventilated Sleeves.
Standard $89.95, Ventilated $99.95.

Fully adjustable from Xtra-Full to Reverse choke #2, and all settings in between.


With the Poly-Choke II you can select shot size, and then SELECT the proper choke.
The average shooter will use 4 Different degrees of choke:
WIDE OPEN for close shooting (woodcock, shore birds, dove, quail and skeet) up to 25 yards;
IMPROVED CYLINDER for 20 to 30-yard distances (grouse and Sporting Clays);
MODIFIED for 30 to 35-yard shooting (pheasant and Sporting Clays);
and FULL CHOKE for 40 yards and over (ducks, geese, turkey, Sporting Clays and Trap).

Made to the standards of the Original Poly-Choke.  Utilizes the same click and indicator method your grandfather, father or you have used.
Handles all loads including slugs, heavy shot and even steel!
Testing proved to pattern as good as or better than factory choke tubes.
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It’s like having a nine-barreled shotgun!

Poly-Choke II For Any Game…Hunting, Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.


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