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Welcome to Poly-Choke is a Nitram, LLC owned company of
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We are in full operation and ready to serve you.


Poly-Choke is providing quality installed adjustable shotgun chokes and add-on shotgun ribs.

Poly-Choke was created by E.F. White of Hartford, CT in the 1920's. The name is derived from the Greek for "many" and "to constrict" - Poly-Choke - many

constrictions. He wanted a device that would allow the user to be able to hunt in any condition. It's like having a nine-barreled shotgun!
Poly-Choke has been in continuous operation for over 80 years, manufacturing adjustable shotgun chokes and ribs for shotguns and handguns. The first adjustable shotgun choke made in America, Poly-choke continues to enjoy a highly recognizable name.
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  Our NEW Online Catalog will allow you to instantly order the correct choke and rib for your pistol or shotgun. Order online securely with your credit card and receive your choke or rib in 3 to 7 days! International orders accepted!


   Check here often for hot product updates and Poly-Choke News!  

Choke settings:

*Note: All Poly-Choke II's use the wrench notch as the aligning mark for choke settings. The mark on the sleeve and the choke may not match up exactly, reference the nearest mark.

X-tra Full 0.030" constriction
Full 0.025" constriction
Imp Mod 0.020" constriction
Mod 0.015" constriction
Imp 0.010" constriction
Slug 0.005" constriction
Cylinder (X-tra Full 1 turn loose) 0.000" constriction
Reverse #1 +0.005" (Full 1 turn loose)
Reverse #2 +0.010" ( Imp Mod 1 turn loose)

These constrictions are based on cylinder bore, 0.730" for most 12 ga shotguns, 0.740" for back-bored 12 ga shotguns & 0.620" for 20 ga shotguns.

There will be a gap between your barrel and shoulder of choke.

If you receive the wrong choke when ordered, contact us directly to get the proper choke.  We will exchange it with proof of purchase. Must be new and returned to us with wrench.

Poly-Choke  II is in Cabela's catalogs.  For Beretta/Benelli gunners, make sure you specify that you need the Optima Plus choke if your threads are not at the top of the choke.

Both Cabela's & Brownells will special order any of our chokes for you.

We have chokes now available through Brownells, contact them for availability.

We now are able to install choke tubes into your barrel.

Poly-Choke sleeves with gold lettering are only available if requested.  There is a $5.00 fee for the letter enhancing. The gold is not guaranteed.


Please do not put anything other than gun related products and tools into and through chokes.  We are not responsible for injuries or damage to choke.

Refunds will be given for merchandise only.  Any returns must include invoice and all parts shipped (i.e. wrench), refund given after 30 days.

Shipping charges may change without notice.

There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

Poly-Choke products have a 1 year limited warranty.

To all customers, if you ship a gun in a hard case without a cardboard box, there is a fee charged by UPS of $6.00 for shipping it back to you!



Hot News
Our Poly-Choke II's are available through Brownells.
       Winchester™, Browning Invector™, + Invector Plus™,Mossberg™ Saiga                         Now Available in 20 Gauge.

Last Update; 01/20/2015